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Wordpress Developer

We specialize in creating and customizing WordPress solutions for websites, blogs, company profiles, eCommerce websites.

We offer complete services from planning, designing, themes, develop and host your website. Contact us today to find out what are the possiblities we have for your wordpress project. We also work as WordPress theme designer as per your requirements and install plugins and support, upgrade your existing wordpress installation.

We do the design, code the theme, install it and support it. We just need you to tell us where to begin!

Process is very simple starts from listening requirements, gathering specifications, giving and evolving ideas, sketching them into wireframes, making the designs, getting them approved and finally coding them to make it live on your server.

Our main aim for any wordpress theme is to develop and design a stylish, modern, and slick theme which reflects your brand and also has all the functionality that you requested.
Yes we do the very complex Wordpress Developer themes which have jquery, complex javascripts, and ecommerce plugins, to the simplest blogs.

We develop custom templates as per the design and keep it simple with everything manageable and editable via the admin panel.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a very powerful tool. We can make a custom WordPress design visually appealing, functionally robust, and very SEO Friendly. And WordPress Content management system, makes websites updating as easy as 1-2-3.

WordPress have many plugins which help you to add features and functionality to website in cms, have a large number of developers community

WordPress websites will look and work like custom website design
We optimize all of our WordPress sites for Google and SEO, so it get quickly indexed by the search engines.

An Open Source so everything is free and editable and hence developers can tweak it as per the requirements.

Scalable and flexible and once you think after years that your website looks old just change the theme and it again appears new.

Why Us?

Seasoned developers with experience of more than 4 years.
More than 1000 wordpress websites till date so we have a large portfolio and have taken wordpress to the next level be it shortcodes, developing plugins or developing themes.

We are polite, attentive, and understand English.
We are available for more than 12 hours a day so getting an update is very easy.
Available on Skype, VOIP, IMs and Email.

Lifetime bug free support and 90 days training support.
If the above reasons not enough for you then we are affordable and do wordpress themes within your budget.

Just contact us for no obligation website estimation and we will get back to you with our estimation.

Website in CMS is a full service web design company specializing in custom WordPress website design, WordPress themes, WordPress Plugin installation and development. We have desinged, developed around 1000 websites using wordpress.

A website is an extremely important tool for success in today’s business world. A website is essential for every company or organization. It’s must to have a nicely designed website as it reflects the company’s position and credibility. Just like a beautifully decorated and well-stocked shop attracts customers, a nicely designed and easy-to-navigate website attracts visitors and turns them into your customers or clients.

The visual appeal of your website, it’s content, and layout are important factors that either will get your company noticed or render it invisible online. You want a great looking creative solution, but maybe you also need something powerful or friendly or both, something which reflects your brand? Our designers bring brands to life online. It is a must to have a nicely designed website as it reflects the company’s position and credibility.

We produce the ideal reflection for your business by our creative and exclusive layouts. Opting for website design is like building a shop that will always be open, even when you sleep.

We cater to all kinds of businesses – start-up, small scale, medium scale and large scale. We tailor our website design services to your requirements and create websites that have a strong impact on visitors

A properly planned website can also help companies to reduce its cost of sales, this is possible because websites are one of the most cost effective and reasonable marketing tool and can be affordable to any small company also.

We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive website designing service available. We can help you with just about anything from professional website designing to search engine marketing. Our team of professional and ingenious website designers serves clients globally. Our talented team of website designers will provide you with incredible services at very competitive prices.

Website in CMS has developed own new Content Management System (CMS) with extra helpful features. Our client’s used our Content Management System (CMS), they are really happy with that because of they have managed their own website any time anywhere with changing content and all features in CMS.

Content Management Systems (CMS) application used to create, manage and maintain, store and deploy content on the Web; with texts, graphics, video or audio, an application code. Content Management Systems are frequently a factor of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions.

Our CMS Features

Fully web based
E-commerce helped
Shopping Cart embedded
Fully Customized SEO Future
Create your own dynamic content
Flexible Design
Separated Image Gallery
Web 2.0 and AJAX support
Google Analytics Integrated
You Tube video Support
Twitter & Face book integration
Multiple Users System
Dozens of Website Templates
Upload multiple images
User profiles
Email to friend feature
CAPTCHA support on all forms
Integrated modules system
Easy design integrationknow exactly what to do.

As you know people are developing websites with the help of wordpress as it is much more convenient to do so. Previously the process of developing a website used to be quite a task to accomplish and these days it all comes down to wordpress. Technology is developing day by day and more people are coming up with brighter ideas on how to develop websites. If you are one of those people, then you obviously know how much more convenient wordpress has made development of websites. These day people are converting psd to wordpress as the number of features and the benefits are slowing increasing. For every post that you put up, there would be password protection and you would no longer have to face any issues regarding spam either. Apart form this; there are a number of other advantages that are provided as well.

However, to make the conversion from psd to wordpress is not all that simple. Some people try to accomplish it on their own but the slightest slip can lead to a flaw. In such cases, you can always take up the help of a psd to Wordpress Developer. To find a great developer you can always look online and you would find a number of results. By doing a little bit of research you would be able to come across a number of psd to wordpress developers. Most of the developers tend to be reliable but there is also the suggestion where you can go according to recommendations. This way you would have the positive id of a psd to worpress developer. You could even rely on the portfolio of the developer. So, if you are looking to find a psd to wordpress developer, you know exactly what to do.

I discovered a cool new blog development platform called Wordpress, this developer platform is actually really accurate at helping users submit their blog content & style of layout to publish onto the web. I quickly found from using it's admin control screen, that it's simple to construct blogs using it & its really user friendly. I only wish I had discovered such a blog development tool years back, because I could have used it to help my writing skills get noticed long ago.

I think that getting to understand a fully web based platform takes time for the average user, but I can only speak for myself when it comes to deciphering some tools that appear difficult to utilize. There's always many hidden menu's that take some time to discover, since each admin control screen is different from blog platform to blog platform. It took me about 10-20 minutes to adjust from using Google's E-blogger which isn't as professional to me, in my humble opinion.

I found Wordpress to be a definite means of effectively producing professional style blogs that have the appeal that many readers can enjoy. How the structure of your written, and visual content appears, will play a huge role in how it's going to be felt by visitors, who may love web surfing & searching through blogs as well as reading huge bodies of digital literature. So I highly recommend the full usage of this blog development tool.

Everyone has heard of the web design system WordPress. It’s quite like the leader of the blogging platform. But more and more people are turning to it for its CMS features.

Is Wordpress a worthy CMS?

That depends on your requirements and experience completely. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of using Wordpress a CMS.

Why Wordpress is good?

Easy – Anyone with even a basic understanding of how the internet works can use it. In fact, most people are already blogging using Wordpress so they can understand it very easily and grasp its features quickly. It’s not just easy to use, but it’s also very simple to set up. A website with Wordpress as its CMS is a snap when it comes to updating content. Perfect for those who want to maintain personal websites without the hassles of figuring out a slightly more complicated CMS like Drupal or Joomla.

Customization – Wordpress is easy to customize and there are thousands of themes on the internet, both free and premium which can be used to give a professional look to your website. Wordpress magazine themes have become very popular because they are sophisticated and stylish without much trouble.

CSS – Wordpress uses CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. Most regular users can tweak the CSS and fine tune it according to their requirements without much difficulty.

Perfect for blogging – If you are integrating your blog with your website, working with Wordpress is the ideal solution as it already contains all the requirements of a blog, such as comments, trackback and pingbacks.

Why you shouldn’t use Wordpress?

Coding troubles – Developers seem to be the ones who dislike Wordpress the most, for the reason that it doesn’t give them free rein. As a result, most Wordpress developers find it frustrating that they cannot tweak things to their requirements.

Plugins – A website that has Wordpress as its CMS also requires plenty of plug-ins for it to function like a proper website. It just adds to the number of things one has to keep track of. With CMSs like Drupal, this is not the case.

Upgrades – Wordpress upgrades often spell trouble for users because it usually brings more bugs than fixes. In fact, in some cases, the entire website has disappeared after an upgrade and on a lesser alarming level, modifications that you might have made also don’t exist.

Before choosing a CMS for your website, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Who will be updating the content on the website regularly? If it’s you and you have a passable understanding of how Wordpress works, then it’s a good option. Especially if you’re not a developer looking to work with codes.

What is the purpose of the website? Is it an extended blogging space, personal website or a shopping store? For the last option, Wordpress is not viable because it can create quite a few hassles.

If you have medium to low technical skills and need a CMS that is easy to work with, then Wordpress is your choice.


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